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Hooping is a revolution, both literally and figuratively; from the circular, spiraling paths a hoop travels around the body, to the unique permission it gives to dance, express and feel the lighthearted joy of childhood again. Hooping is an emerging form of creative movement and dance that takes place using handmade, oversize versions of the traditional hula hoop. The size and weight of these larger hoops make it possible for almost anyone to keep one going. With a little practice and the right size hoop, folks can delightfully begin keeping the rhythm, dancing to music, and incorporating movements that utilize and strengthen the whole body.

Hooping can be fun fitness, groovy movement, creative expression, gentle massage, childlike bliss and moving meditation all at once. Hooping is powerful play, with and within symbols. Hooping is fun exercise in a time when many dread the drudgery of treadmills and Stairmasters™. Hooping is centering dance; creating a powerful, healing energy field conducive to meditation. All this and more are contained within the safe boundary of a colorful circle, reminiscent of a childhood toy while also bearing the power of a transformational tool.

The practice of dancing with a hoop creates a unique experience of focus, of emptying the mind and engaging the body. Merging with the rhythm of the hoop and the music, people feel elevated and break a sweat. Each hooper's experience is uniquely their own and, for those that bond with hooping, it can be a revolutionary practice on many levels.
Hooping is different for everyone, and different every time the hoop is taken for a spin. It is what you bring to it, and will unerringly bring you what is needed- healing, laughter, exercise, release, clarity, creativity, positivity, self-confidence, strength, reflection, courage, joy.

Hooping is fun exercise at a time when it's desperately needed. We are in an age of ill health, body consciousness and insecurity in this country, to the point that it's practically epidemic. Obesity, eating disorders, poor nutrition and inactivity are rampant. Many people are engaged in sedentary lifestyles, from working at a desk all day to sitting in front of the TV at night. Children are also less active and the incidence of childhood obesity continues to rise. People need and want to move, but many popular options seem boring and repetitive (think machines or step aerobics) and are approached-if at all- with reluctance and half-hearted obligation. These fitness options, for many, are far from uplifting. My experience with sharing hooping has shown me its joyous appeal to people of all ages. People enjoy doing it and it gets them moving in a healthy way.


Wholeness, cyclical, without beginning or end, unity, community, all these meanings and more are found in the circle which, along with the spiral, are two of the most ancient recorded human symbols. While the hoop is circular, the paths it travels around the body are spiraling paths. Therefore, the circle and the spiral, powerful ancient symbols, are both inherent in the hoop and its movement. These inherent symbols resonate deeply on many levels of the human psyche.

More thoughts and information about symbolism, dance and the archetypal aspects of hooping- some of my favorite subjects- coming soon…


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