Greetings everyone,

About a year ago I was inspired to create a video of my Foundational Intensive Workshop to offer as an online resource for those who are new to hooping or who teach beginner hoopers. I wanted to self-produce something that was comprehensive and clear, as well as affordable. So, I decided to be okay with simply outlining my notes and teaching off the cuff as I would in a workshop, in one long shoot, in a casual, fun way. As such, there are some 'ums' and some laughs, and an occasional percussive cameo of my belly ring keeping time with the hoop's rhythm :) Ultimately, it's not perfectly polished, but it's solid and accessible. It includes a few things I wouldn't teach in a beginner workshop as well, such as knee hooping and angle hooping. Topics & Exercises covered:

-Core Hooping
-Freeing the Feet
-Angle Hooping
-Knee Hooping
-Hooping Overhead
-Dropping In
-Scoop Lift
-Float Lift
-Off-Body: Horizontal
-Off-Body: Vertical
-Inspirational Flow

I edited this video myself and ended up teaching myself sufficient Final Cut and DVD Pro in the process. Well, almost sufficient. I was under the gun to finish this project before packing up my van of things from my circus home in Vermont and hitting the road to drive across country to Burning Man. I hit a roadblock in the DVD menu creation process. For all my searching of tutorials, I couldn't fix a glitch that was preventing the chapter buttons from linking back to the main menu. I was out of time and, essentially tabled it. I needed the help of my dear friend Jim McGuire, who not only provided me with the studio space and equipment to film the DVD, but also let me borrow a Mac laptop with which to edit it. Jim's a very giving, very busy man and it took him a solid few months before having the time to devote to fixing the glitch, but fix it he did...

When he sent me the discs of it, I was elated, but also neck deep in Hoop Technique creation. So, it was another few months before I found the right server to host it digitally. Ironically enough, once I got it uploaded and ready for distribution I realized that it didn't matter that the DVD menu plays through as one long course when offered as a digital download. I'm offering hard copies of this as a DVD, but it is, essentially, an online course.

The direct download of my Foundational Intensive in the Art of Hoop Dance- instant gratification, ecologically-sound, affordable- is available for $14

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A hard copy of the DVD with menu intact and love from me- is available for $25

Incidentally, this is *not* Hoop Technique! What we're creating with that is next level all around and will be released soon. I can't wait to bring Hoop Technique forth; it's been a long gestation, but dedication, time and energy are what make great art.  

Thanks for all your support across the years and miles, and stay tuned for Hoop Technique!


Check out the preview below!