Private Lessons with Spiral

Greetings, and thanks for your interest in learning hoop dance from me one-on-one. I've been hooping for over 8 years and have extensive experience as both an instructor and performer. My background also includes training in dance, yoga, contact juggling and circus arts.

I'm thankful to teach out of a beautiful studio in south Berkeley, CA. If you'd like me to come to you, that can be arranged with an added travel stipend. Below are my rates for individuals and small groups. I am open to barter of services I'm interested in (ie: massage, other bodywork, costuming) and offer discounts for sessions involving more than one person. If you have a larger group in mind or other questions, please email me at:

If interested, I have a questionaire here that I'd like you to fill out to get a better idea of where you're at and what you're hoping to achieve in our time together. This will allow me to craft a session perfectly tailored to your individual (or group) needs ;)

Private Lesson Rates: $100 for one hour ~ $180 for two hours ~ $240 for three hours ~ $300 for four hours

With Two People: $150 for one hour ~ $230 for two hours ~ $280 for three hours ~ $350 for four hours

With Three People: $200 for one hour ~ $280 for two hours ~ $330 for three hours ~ $380 for four hours

Below is a list of potential topics to help structure our time together. I ask that you pick no more than 3 for one hour. Once you contact me about scheduling a lesson, I'll email you and/or your group a questionnaire regarding where you're at and what you're hoping to get out of the lesson.

*Tricks, Technique & Transitions- Got specific moves you want to learn that you haven't been able to decipher from youtube? Let me know what you're interested in and we'll work on decoding it and getting it into your flow. We'll also look at different ways to transition between moves for optimal flow and dynamism.

*Elements of Hoop Dance- Timing, Contrast, Footwork, Extension, Contraction...we'll work with your existing vocabulary to make your dance more dynamic and visually interesting. Polishing and punctuating your existing repertoire will elevate your dance to the next level.

*Coaching for Amateur - Just branching out into hooping for an audience? Get instruction on the basics of capturing attention, structuring your set, costume tips, crowd engagement and owning your space.

*Coaching for Professional Performance- Are you gigging out and need some tips on how to imbue your performance with solid worth? We'll work on taking your performance from flow-based improv to tight choreography. Tips on commanding attention, using proper sequencing, creating an event-specific costume, conducting yourself professionally, making an impression that will create repeat business.

*Choreographic Assistance- Have an act to create and need some help? Let me help you spice up your ideas with solid structure and movement, or start from scratch, we'll create something beautiful.

*Teacher Consultation- Are you a teacher wanting fresh ideas for material or have specific questions about instructing, makreting, etc? I can advise you in different ways to juice up your classes and workshops.

*Hoop workout-

*Somatic Therapy

*Stretch & Strengthen for Hoop Dance

*Hoop Technique (tm)