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Hoop Community:

Outside of the increased Body, Mind and Spirit connection that hooping cultivates in oneself, I’ve found the most powerful aspect of the hoop is the connection it cultivates with one’s fellow human beings. Hooping in public is a display of joy, freedom and confidence that draws people in, makes them curious to try it themselves, and gives them a reason to reach out and connect with someone new. As one feels joy while hooping, so does an observer feel a resonant joy when they see someone happily groovin’ with a hoop. Hoop bliss is wonderfully contagious and is the driving force in the creation of a special kind of community- hoop community.

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Kind words about hooping, hoops and my hoop dance from some of those I’ve been blessed to share this practice with:

“Your beautiful art has changed my life. Thank you.” –Perizada, professional belly dancer

“I am alone in my hoop and in that pe*A*ce place where suddenly each part of me is connected. Each part of me is guiding the hoop, yet responding to it at the same time. It becomes complete even without conscious thought…I have experienced a low but rushing, building hum that becomes almost a roar and that brings me such a beautiful, powerful energy. It overtakes me. Energy created and/or accessed, but it doesn’t seem to come from me, but from somewhere beyond.” –Mary T.

“Hooping has made people who were carrying emotional burdens laugh out loud as they tried it and found some pe*a*ce. It has introduced me to a new way to challenge my body to move and made me feel like this is an activity which I could practice and feel confident doing, a practice where I am making progress. It has provided me with something to share with others. I love introducing people to hooping, esp. if they think they can’t do it and then they find that they can!”- Lauren M.

“Hey Spiral! I just wanted to let you know that I got the Hoops and they are absolutely beautiful. You did an amazing job with the Galaxy hoop, Thank you so much for the quick delivery also. Out of all the hoops I've spun yours are by far my favorite. Size and weight are perfect and the materials feel a lot more durable than some of the other hoops out there…

You have inspired me into doing something that brings me unlimited joy. Every time I've seen you hoop, you just the have the most beautiful, incredible smile on your face, and I know I do the same thing, and that is appreciated as much as the art of hooping by people watching, the fact that we are having so much fun and joy doing this.” - Yana D., Atlanta

“I just received my new sunshine hoop! solar plexus extraordinaire. I love it! Thank you for crafting it for me. It feels so good. Immediate Pe*A*ce baby. I chi'd up for the first time ever tonight, using my new hoop. I did it three times. It was like a hoopgasm. Beth said it seemed to be a perfect fit for me. thanks and i love it.” - Nancy C.

“When I saw Spiral dancing at the Spring 05 Shakori Hills Music Festival, I knew I had to learn to do that. The more I learn, the more I understand about what makes her dancing different from anyone else but I still struggle to put it into words. Fluid, smooth, connected, flowing—Is it possible she was born with a hoop in her hand? If mermaids hooped, they’d look like Spiral.

Hooping is: Access to dance without a partner; outdoor aerobic exercise I will actually do (these knees don’t run anymore); laying down new tracks in my brain because I’m learning something new that’s physical; insight into practice and mastery, introduction to music I wouldn’t have found on my own; contact with people I wouldn’t have otherwise encountered.” -Karen T.


For hoop sites as well as websites of the gracious, creative souls that have helped me along the way and have their own wonderful endeavors worth checking out.

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Perizada- beautiful belly dance

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