Re-Enter the Spiral
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My hoops are crafted lovingly by hand with the intention that they bring joy, health and transformation to those who dance with them.

I am now outsourcing the creation of my hoops to a friend in Los Angeles, as the demands of the other apects of my business keep me quite busy. This arrangement will allow for faster creation and shipping, as well as access to many other designs. What follows below is a description of the colors and associated symbolism that I've used in my Chakra Hoops for years...

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Colors for your hoop:

Color is powerful, healing and fun. The decorative tapes on my durable Spiral Hoops provide weight and grip as well as beautiful color. Knowledge of color symbolism and the colors associated with different chakras can be used to bring more meaning and depth into your hoop practice. A brief description of the chakras and their associated colors follows...

Chakras, according to Vedic philosophy, are swirling vortices of energy that are important parts of our energetic anatomy. The location of the seven main chakras coincide with seven main nerve ganglia that emanate from the spinal column. It is my opinion that the movement of the hoop echoes, heals and facilitates the spiraling motion of one's chakras. For more info on chakras from a true expert, visit Anodea Judith's website at

While there is much more detailed information available on the relationship between color, healing and the chakras, here is a very brief overview of the chakras, their Sanskrit name, location, color correspondence, characteristics:

1st - Muladhara, Root chakra, base of spine: Red

grounding, power, stability, growth, blood, Earth, security, vigor

2nd - Svadhisthana, Sacral chakra, b/w navel & pubic bone: Orange

creativity, relationships, sexuality, spontaneity, emotions, flowing, water, the Moon

3rd - Manipura, Solar Plexus chakra: Yellow

will, motivation, self-confidence, optimism, discipline, transformation, energy, Fire

4th - Anahata, Heart chakra: Green and Pink

Love, understanding, forgiveness, growth, healing, balance, community, tolerance, Air

5th -Vissuddha, Throat chakra: Blue

expression, purification, communication, creativity, Sound, creativity, inner identity

6th -Ajna, Third Eye chakra: Indigo, Violet

introspection, consciousness, clairvoyance, intellect, understanding, Light, insight

7th - Sahasrara, Crown chakra, top of head: White, Gold, Violet

all-one, cosmic, connection to higher source, transcendence, Spirit, Universe, Source



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